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Arthritis in Senior Dogs

Dog arthritis

Just like humans, our dogs can develop arthritis as they age. Is your older dog having a more difficult time getting on and off the couch or going up and down the stairs - it could be from arthritis.

Canine Arthritis

Canine arthritis affects 1 in 3 dogs in their lifetime. It is  the biggest cause of chronic pain in dogs. Arthritis is a complex condition that involves inflammation and degeneration of one or more joints that can interfere with daily activities. There is no single cause of arthritis and factors include body conformation, weight, activity history, injury history, surgery, and nutritional history. 

Signs and symptoms of canine arthritis are:

  • Difficulty getting up and down,

  • Walking stiffly

  • Lameness in one or more legs

  • Reluctance to perform certain activities such as stair climbing and jumping on and off furniture

  • Being slower in their walking

There is no magic pill to treat canine arthritis but canine rehabilitation can help manage the symptoms! Canine rehabilitation can help create a progressive, tailored exercise program that can help with their overall mobility. It is important to break the cycle of arthritis with skilled canine rehabilitation. Contact Pawsitive Impact Rehabilitation today to see how we can help your arthritic dog live their best life!

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