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The DVM and CCRT Relationship

We are proud to combine our knowledge in canine rehabilitation with our passion for animals. It allows us to not only help them recover from surgery, but also to improve their mobility and quality of life as they age as well as return to their daily walks and other activities after getting injured. Our therapists hold a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and have undergone extensive training to become certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists (CCRT) to be able to work in this field.

With that being said, we follow a model similar to human healthcare with the physician establishing the need for therapy while managing any medical issues. That allows us to focus on what we are experts on: movement science, biomechanics, therapeutic modalities, hands-on treatments, and progressive exercise programs focusing on teaching the client how to best help their pet. In this model communication is key and we keep in contact with our patients’ veterinarians to keep you updated with their progress and, most importantly, to make sure that they are following-up with you should any medical issues arise.

Rule §573.14 on Alternate Therapies from the TX Veterinary Practice Act allows veterinarians and other professionals, such as certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapists, to work together providing the best care available to pets in Texas. However, to do so we need to keep on file a general supervision referral form for each patient establishing a veterinarian-client-patient relationship and appropriate medical diagnosis. We have tried our best to keep this process simple and easy as to not take too much out of your time. Below will find the downloadable form in a PDF format.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.

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